Tuesday, November 22, 2016

 !Nuevolution blog

To the respected Charlotte Magazine reporter,
            There is the !Nuevolution exhibit that is created by the Levine Museum of the New South.  This exhibit shines a light on the distinctive Latino cultures in the U.S. and its main objective is to help people amen the difference between one Latino culture and another. In another words, to differentiate between one and another. Since the Latino community is a fast growing community in the South, I want you to focus on the lifestyle of this community in Charlotte through the exhibit, from the rate of increase to the families who have children and young adults that are first or second generation of immigrant families. Also, I want to you talk about how engaged the people are in the exhibit and to set a scene on the atmosphere that the museum holds

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween from different perspectives.

Halloween. A day that has two different perspectives. One from the children’s and the other is the college students.
The day that is considered sacred for the little ones. You get to witness the first timers that are overwhelmed by the fact that they’ll be asking people for candy and those who are the experts in trick or treating and knows which household offers the best Halloween treats. They are all on a different levels. Yet, there are the parents who are fighting a battle in their mind on how to convince their children to not eat all what they have collected and the fight into getting them back in to the house because it’s getting dark.
On the other side, it’s a party night for the college students (the young adults). On this side of the road, there is a whole different meaning for Halloween. It’s not about the treats as much as it’s about grabbing the attention towards the way you look from head to toe. It’s a competition for the young ladies on this day, because it’s way of proving themselves to others and how daring can they get when it comes to costumes, hair and make-up. For the guys, it’s not a battle field of having the best costumes rather than getting the free beer and the shots.
A day that has different perspectives for all group ages.
Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pulitzer Prize Reflection

Central Piedmont Community College has hosted the event Old South and New South. This has brought together a panel made up of three cartoonists and a filmmaker. A discussion went on about what they have experienced throughout the years in the field of journalism, film making and photography. Every panelist has brought up the difference between the Old South and The New South.

Filmmaker Rodrigo Dorfman, who has discussed how hard, was it to tell the right story in the right time, quoting, and “everyone has a story." He has brought up disruption and its role in the field of mass communication. In another words, the media is based on disruptions of all kind to let the buried news out to the public. There are always those hidden stories of people who are afraid to let them out to the public and this is how the New South is created, by slowly getting away from the grip of the Old South and disruption is the key to that door.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pre-Pulitzer Analysis

John H. White Pulitzer-winning photograph that has the devastated couple and the bare-feet running little girl, shows all of the different shades between adulthood and childhood.
The drug addict mother who has a daughter, that look like she is overthinking the fact that she is has a daughter and she's an addict. She looks like she admits that she did take a wrong turn in her life and she didn't bother re-routing from the beginning and just drove in that road upon her will.

The face of the woman holds so many different expressions like confusion, being lost, shocked and a lot of weight on her shoulders. Basically this resembles adulthood in way.  While the little girl is happy and got her head in the clouds not worrying about any responsibilities. She’s just worrying about whether or not if she could play outside again tomorrow. Her beautiful smile defines her feelings in every single way and how she is feeling free by running around bare-foot. 

It’s a picture that indicates to those who had wrong turns in their lives and not getting back on track may lead to and to and the little girl is a reminder to those who are yet to be parents, get to witness this smile a lot in their lives for as long as they live.